For wound care, cardiac, respiratory, diabetes and pregnancy monitoring and other clinical needs

Ohmedics Ltd is a company that provides and deploys advanced diagnostic systems that are easy to use in the home or clinic as well as telehealth integration services for clinical providers.

We can create and deploy appropriate multidisciplinary teams to deliver new telehealth solutions. Our teams are drawn from staff who have delivered award winning telehealth care within the NHS in the UK.

We can provide support for the deployment of the Simple Telehealth system owned by NHS Stoke and tried and tested clinical protocols already in use for telehealth monitoring in the NHS.

We believe that the success of telehealth in the 3 Million Lives programme in the UK and internationally is dependent upon understanding the clinical pathways and patient needs.

In addition to standard home monitoring peripheral equipment we can uniquely provide our own, CE marked, wound care monitoring system that allows wound dressing moisture to be monitored without disturbing the dressing bringing substantial cost savings and clinical benefit to community wound care provision or wards and clinics.

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